Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Surprises and Road Trips

I'll be honest...right now I can't remember what I did since the last time I updated. I'm sure it will slowly come back to me as I write this but here's what I remember...

Wednesday, we went to Trevor's sister's house to visit her with Ava and his other sister Emilee. After that we ran to the bakery to order Ava's birthday cake. I can't wait to see it and will post pictures after the party. It's going to be so adorable. We dropped Emilee off and headed home. Ava's birthday pictures were scheduled for either Friday or Thursday if Friday was going to rain (the pictures are being taken outside). The photographer said we would go for Friday because it looked good so I checked the weather and saw it was going to rain all day Friday. I didn't want to bother him again so I just let it go and he of course ended up rescheduling. So Thursday night I headed to the mall with Katie to shop for a new dress for my surprise shower. Trevor shakes his head at me and asks how I can shop for a surprise. Basically my plan was to get a dress and anytime I had to go anywhere, even just to my Mom's, I was going to wear the dress. There's a back story to this...

Last August, on a Sunday morning, I woke up and headed to my Grandmom's for breakfast like my family does every Sunday. When I got there, no one was there but that wasn't that unusual so I didn't think much of it. I knew we had to get home to get changed for a lunch date we had with Trevor's family so off we went. While stopped at a light, some lady rear ended us. At this point, I was about 8.5 months pregnant so I was pretty sure we were going to miss lunch because I thought the cops would make me go to the hospital. They didn't so Trevor let his family know we would be a little late to lunch. We ran home, got changed really quick and ran out of the door. For anyone who knows me, they know I don't typically leave home without my makeup done, hair done, and contacts in. This particular day, I didn't have enough time to get everything done so I just did the bare minimum and didn't take time to really pick out my clothes. So we show up at the restaurant and I walk in the door and the entire room (it's a very small restaurant) screamed SURPRISE in my face...it was my baby shower. I had absolutely no idea that it was going to be my shower...the thought never even crossed my mind. With that, I told myself I wouldn't let that happen anymore and for my bridal shower I would try to be prepared.

Now typically, it's hard to surprise me. I ask a lot of questions and I really try to let things be a surprise, but a lot of times, I just start to piece things together until I figure them out. So this Saturday, I knew I had to wake up early and pack because we were going to Cooperstown, NY to meet up with Trevor's Dad who was there for Trevor's stepbrother's baseball tournament. Trevor told me that I needed to dress nicely because we were stopping for dinner before we got to the hotel with his Dad and that the restaurant has a dress code. He even showed me the website for the restaurant when I asked something about it. So I thought nothing of it, packed, and got dressed. He asked me if I was going to wear a dress but I said no because Cooperstown had highs in the 60's and my dresses were all strapless so I knew I would be cold. He tried. We ran to Target to grab a couple things and he said we needed to stop at my brother's house to get something for his Dad. Still, I didn't think much of anything. On the way to my brother's, Trevor started getting giggly which isn't completely out of the ordinary but given I've been harassing him about the shower, I started asking him questions. When it comes to Trevor, he's tricked me so bad in the past that I really don't know what to believe so I know he could be acting or he could be serious. Just in case, I got my makeup out since I hadn't put everything on yet, and quickly finished it up. As we were about to turn onto my brother's street I noticed a silver Lexus that looked like my cousin's and wasn't usually parked there and then the very next car was my Aunt's Outlander which I knew for sure since my cousin's name is on the window. We turned onto the street and I saw cars everywhere and couldn't believe it...he tricked me again! In the driveway, I saw all of my bridesmaid's standing there waving and yelling and acting like lunatics and all I could think was I can't believe he did it again and I better not have packed for nothing (some may remember I really hate packing). Apparently, we were in fact NOT going away that day but he had me pack to throw me off. So I didn't wear my dress to the shower but I was dressed nicely and my hair and makeup were done and the contacts were in so overall, it was a success. I got a lot of things from my registry and lots of gift cards. We had lots of laughs and fun but just as quickly as the shower started it was over. My bridesmaids did a great job putting the whole thing together and I can't thank them enough. We took the gifts to my Mom's house and then went back to my brother's to hang out with my sister-in-law. Busy busy day.

Sunday morning we actually left for Cooperstown and stopped in Paramus along the way to have lunch with Daddy Dan at the Grand Lux Cafe and then we were off to finish the trip. When we arrived, we met up with Trevor's Dad and had dinner at the Yum Yum Shack. It was recommended by tskillz but just looking at it, I didn't know what to expect. It turned out to be an absolutely delicious dinner. We went to Trevor's stepbrother Vincent's game for a bit and then we needed to get Miss Ava back to the hotel. Speaking of the hotel, when we checked in we found out we somehow got upgraded to a two room suite...fabulous! Monday, we were set to go to the Baseball Hall of Fame but I was feeling pretty crappy so Trevor and his Dad took Ava and I stayed home and slept. I was there when I was little, and I know a lot has changed since then, but I really didn't think I'd be able to walk around for hours. When they got back, we headed out to lunch and then to another one of Vincent's games. Around 9, we headed to dinner at some steakhouse and had another pretty good dinner. Today, Trevor and his Dad went golfing and Ava and I stayed home. We didn't get up until they were done golfing (they left early and played a 9 hole course) so when they got back we headed out to the Ommegang Brewery. The tour was pretty cool and then we tasted the beer and some of their mustards and beer cheeses which were all delicious (and I think beer is gross). Trevor and his Dad bought some souvenirs and then we headed over to the Fly Creek Cider Mill. We each had a pot roast sandwich, a slice of pie, and a cup of hard cider. Everything was super delicious except we all agreed the hard cider wasn't that good. After a stop in their store, we headed home and Ava and I took a nap while Trevor and his Dad went to Vincent's game. Tonight we had dinner at a pizza place in town and then came home.

We're headed home tomorrow where we have a busy couple of days ahead of us. We need to get an early start tomorrow because Ava's first birthday pictures are scheduled for tomorrow at 6 pm. It's supposed to be a beautiful day with no rain so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Thursday, I need to run around and get things for Ava's party and Friday we need to pick up tables and chairs and set everything up. Thursday is also Ava's first birthday and I can't believe how this first year has flown by. I can't believe she's still not that little tiny newborn I held just minutes after she was born. In pretty exciting news, Ava took 3 steps in a row tonight so she's yet again a little closer to actually walking. It seems that any day now, she's really going to take off. :) I need to get to bed now. Goodnight!

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