Friday, January 15, 2010


I'm 26 years old and I grew up in a time with incredible advancements made and barriers broken. From vaccines to artificial hearts, the medical world never stops growing. Technological advances happen so fast , it's almost impossible to keep up and the world has had great achievements like the fall of the Berlin Wall to most recently, our first Black President. We also deal with terrible tragedies and unspeakable crimes on a daily basis. The world is completely out of control, yet for some reason still today, a gay couple is not allowed to be married. It is amazing to me with all of the terrorist activity and the unfortunate everyday murders that need to be addressed with vigilance, that the government really has time to reject a gay couple from being married.

I myself am not gay but I have no issue with two men or two woman who want to commit to each other. I do have a family member who is a lesbian and she is no different than any other member of my family. Americans pride themselves on being free and equal rights so what is so different about this? Why is it that a gay couple cannot marry? It ruins the sanctity of marriage. To this I say a giant, screaming BS. What ruins the sanctity of marriage is the morons who decide they are bored and run away to a chapel in Vegas when they're drunk and get married and have to have it annulled 24 hours later. The people who ruin the sanctity of marriage are the people who marry for money or those who marry for citizenship. Or those who marry and then start banging everything in site behind their spouses back. What about all of those marriages? No one is complaining about stuff like that or making it illegal for people to get annulments or divorces. It was estimated that 40% of all marriages ended in divorce in 2008. How is this upholding the sanctity of marriage? It's a joke, a complete joke. If two people love each other, they should be allowed to have the same rights as any other couple, given they are both of sound mind and know what is going on. Putting all variables aside, mainly gender, think about how you would feel if the person you loved and wanted to spend your life with was dying in a hospital bed. Most people would want nothing more than to be able to spend their last moments with the person they love. Now think how you would feel if you were told you had ZERO rights to be with that person or make any kind of decision for them. You had NO rights to the person you LOVE. Does that seem fair?

Everyone has their own belief system and they vary all over the world. So who is the government to impose their religious and other beliefs on anyone else? What if the government was taken over by gay people and told you that you weren't allowed to marry the opposite gender? Two men getting married affects no one and nothing. It doesn't affect the life of a person who is against being gay and if it does, the person has no life in the first place. People don't choose who to love. A man does not wake up one morning and says you know what, I'm going to fall in love with another man today and vice versa for woman. It can't be helped. So why can't we just leave people alone to live their own lives where they aren't interfering in anyone else's lives? Life is way to short to be told who can and cannot marry in life. (and if anyone wants to start an argument of children marrying adults, get real...I'm talking about 2 consenting adults here) It is not fair that someone has to live a miserable life fighting for their rights because people in the government are so religious that they feel it's necessary to impose their belief system on everyone in the US.

I could go on about this for days and I probably will continue but for now, I need to go to bed because I have a flight to catch in the morning to New Orleans with Trevor. We're going to the Saints game on Saturday. We dropped Ava off at my mom's house tonight to stay until Sunday when we get home and I miss her like crazy. I can't wait to be back and pick her up. I need sleep now. I'll have new blogs up again soon. Goodnight.